September by Robert Winter

When I started this book, I hadn't seen the cover but let me just say, it's perfect...
I always love a good story about a younger guy with an older man and this didn't let me down.
David is 48, successful, wealthy and extremely fit in every way. Not that he sees his qualities, to him he's just an old man who has lost the love of his life and hasn't been able to move on.
When he picks up a gym related injury he meets Brandon. Living from paycheck to paycheck and barely surviving, he is athletic, gorgeous and immediately taken with his older client. Sometimes being a physical therapist has its perks!
This book also includes Kyle, former love of David, his ghost often speaks to him when he is making stupid decisions.
The two men go through the usual uncertainties of a relationship with so many obstacles, the age gap, money issues and some disapproving friends with some nasty comments.
When something happens to make both men see that the love they have is strong, will it be enough?
There was a moment in this book that made me reach for the tissues and it made a good book even better.
Happy to see this is book one in what I am hoping will be a fabulous series.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x