Romancing the Ugly Duckling by Clare London

4 stars


The Ventura brothers are hot news. They are a combination of sports stars and 'it' boys and they are all gorgeous. They have been offered a TV reality show which they badly need in order to boost their popularity and their bank balances but one thing is holding them back - their brother Greg. 


Five years ago Greg escaped London life for a more peaceful existence on a remote isle in Scotland. He has been bullied by his brothers his entire life for not being as pretty as they are and he believes it., but now they need him they have asked their agent to send a team to makeover their county boy brother and brig him back to London. 


Perry has been given the task. He hauls his designer clobber up to North Uist intent on finding Greg and getting him on board. He needs to. Perry is broke and has debts all due to his thieving ex, and his job is everything. Or so he thought. A couple of weeks away from the stresses and pressures of London life shacked up with the elusive and rude Greg Ventura is an eye opener. 


Slowly, all the islanders and even Greg himself fall under Perry's spell. Everyone loves him. He may look like a typical Twink but he has a heart of gold and is much stronger than even he realises. Of course Perry falls for Greg and vice versa, but it's not that easy. Perry slowly gets Greg to open up over his family issues and Greg finds out Perry's lavish big city life is anything but. 


This is a sweet and engaging romance. Perry and Greg are great characters supported by an interesting cast that enhance the story all the way though. I sat in the garden and read this in one afternoon thoroughly enjoying it. The plot line is strong and the sex is, well, sexy! I was drawn into Perry and Greg's dialogue and felt I really got to know them. North Uist and it's inhabitants felt real and were well described. 


Clare London has written another very satisfying book - I'd especially recommend it or an easy holiday read.