Strong Enough by Melanie Harlow and David Romanov

Can you imagine travelling to a new country to start a new life and when you get there, your friend isn't there to pick you up and then someone steals what little belongings you have...
Maxim had dreams for his future and America was the place to realise them, what he didn't expect to find was a closeted saviour who would change his plans.
Derek, older, set in his ways and trying so hard to convince himself that women were the way to go and that being with a man was just a dirty desire.
I really liked his character, you could feel his anguish with every little decision, feel his pain when he let Maxim in and realised that this was what was missing all along...
Maxim was young but he knew that keeping who he was a secret was not an option. new life, new freedom and all that.
I liked this book, everything fell in to place perfectly and it was a nice read.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x