Going Commando by K.M. Neuhold

This series is turning out to be very interesting. I loved the first book, I mean who wouldn't...Hot tattooed men, burly marines and a group of friends who will make for more fabulous stories.
In this one we get to know more about Royal and Nash. Lifelong best friends, Royal has loved Nash for years, the only problem is that Nash is straight.
Ok so maybe not always, he has liked the odd blowjob from Royal when they have had a threesome with a woman.
The thing is, Nash has started to realise he may have feelings for Royal as well but given their history, neither man wants to risk their friendship. Nash has always been a protector of sorts and they don't know if they could live without each other.
Enter Zade...Ex marine in town looking for the next step in his life. While visiting Thane he ends up going to Heathen's Ink and meeting Royal. When the two men get together, Nash doesn't feel jealous, he feels left out!!!
What will happen when he finally gets the courage to reveal his feelings?
Can Royal really commit to Zade when he loves Nash? 
Will Zade actually get the relationship he has always wanted?
This book had me hooked from the very first page to the last word and I wanted more form these three gorgeous men. Cant wait for book three!!
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x