Always by Kindle Alexander

For me this was the book that made me fall in love with mm and everything about it.....

The story and life that Kindle Alexander gives these two men is a breathtakingly beautiful one.

Kane Dalton was a successful business man, running his own restaurant, his life however did not have such a good start. Cast out by his family at the age of 18 for revealing his sexuality, he roamed the streets till he was lucky enough to meet Paulie. He took him in and helped make him the man he turned out to be.

Avery Adams came from a well established political family and had moved back to Minnesota to start his career. 

Looking to make his presence known he went to a popular local restaurant for dinner, only to meet the man that would turn out to be the love of his life.

Their first meeting was a shaky one, Avery too stunned by Kane's beauty to speak, Kane worried he had somehow upset the high profile customer.

When Avery returns to apologise they find that the mutual attraction is too strong to deny and begin to see each other. 

Almost immediately they both realise that they don't want anyone else, ever and that they will be together, Always......

The book takes you through their life together, the heartache Kane goes through at the hands of his family, the decision Avery has to make as to whether he wants to run for office at the risk of his relationship. 

They share every aspect of their lives together and are totally devoted to one another. 

It is undeniably a story of a true love that spans a lifetime and beyond.

After all when you love someone as much as they do, it will be for Always........