Henry's End by Julie. A Richman

Can I just say before I start my review, Julie A Richman, I know this is your first m/m book but please, please write another one.......

Gut wrenching, heartbreaking, a young mans quest to find true love.

Henry had decided to move to a place more accepting of his sexuality and explore what it felt like to be an Out and Proud gay man. He finds a little club called the Hole which is filled to the brim with his every waking dream. Men in uniform!!!!!

While dancing with a young pretty boy he sees an older, very striking man who looks like he would be exactly what Henry wants, someone to take charge and look after him. To begin with it seems like the perfect relationship, until a few words Cody uses sets alarm bells ringing. When he disappears for a while and Henry finds out his secret, things go very bad and Henry ends up in hospital and different in the worst way possible.

His new friend Edwin, an older, very flamboyant queen becomes his rock, along with his oldest friend Schooner, and together they help him to rebuild his life.

While training at the gym he meets a cop called Quinn, together they form a special bond. Quinn is very respectful of Henry's reservations after his past experience and they take it slowly. When they finally come together it is very powerful and moving in together and discussing the future is the next step. Blissfully happy, Henry could never imagine the tragedy that is about to happen and he is left alone yet again to pick up the pieces of his broken heart.

At Schooners wedding a friend of the brides is very pleased to meet the handsome Henry, will Seth be his happily ever after? Only time will tell......

This book touches on severe homophobia, a terrible assault, Aids, tragedy, the loss of the ones you love and the beauty of love when it finally happens. 

I have read a lot of m/m books and this one was definitely one of the best.

5 out of 5 very sparkly bright stars.

Reviewed by Sue