The Rubble and The Wreckage by Rodd Clark

Wow, this book has had my mind twisting in so many directions trying to figure out what was going to happen. 

It was intense, powerful and I was completely engrossed in the story.

Christian Maxwell is a reporter who wants to write the book of a lifetime. He is so good in the way he researches, he has realised how the serial killer he has been looking into works before the FBI does.

While at a coffee shop he is approached by a rather large, imposing man who is offering him the story he wants. 

What would it be like to find yourself inside the mind of a monster.

As Gabriel Church relays his story to the eager writer, they find themselves being inexplicably drawn to each other.

In a rented hotel room the story is told bit by bit, from his upbringing with an evil, uncaring father who beats and berates him at every opportunity, to the way he finds his victims. Apparently he is led to them by a white light that surrounds them.

Slowly but surely the 2 men find that they need each other.

Christian has never been a sexual person. Gabriel turns something on in him he can't explain and they come together, not just for the story but for the need they both have to be with one another.

Would being with the killer be dangerous for his life or just his mind?

Even when they spend time apart they think of each other and it seems they can't bear to be separated.

Can Christian change Gabriel's ways so they can be together or is it all too late.....

I am not sure how but while reading the book I found myself feeling sorry for Gabriel and wanted him to have a happy ending, I know it's mad because he admitted to killing over 40 people but in the way the story was told, I felt sorry for him.

This was a well written, twisted tale and I loved every minute of it.

4 out of 5 stars

Sue x