Letter from Christmas Past by Jae Ashley

Ian, Marcus and John had always been inseparable. 

Marcus and John had been a couple but they loved Ian just as much so when John died from a brain tumour it left them feeling a terrible loss.....

It had been 9 months and Ian felt it was the right time to approach Marcus and tell him how he really felt, but what if it ruined their friendship, he didn't think he could cope with losing his other best friend.

What he didn't know was that Marcus felt the same. After a wonderful night together though, Marcus begins to feel guilty, as if he is betraying Johns memory and tells Ian that all he can be is friends.

Another 3 months goes by and with Marcus still unhappy Ian feels its the right moment to give him the letter that John entrusted him with. The letter that was going to help him move on with his life.

Will he finally let Ian in with the help of a letter from Christmas Past??

This was a heartfelt short story of letting go of an old love and moving on to a new one.

4 out of 5 stars

Sue x