Fin & Matt by Charlie Winters

A love story that spans a lifetime......

Fin MacAuliffe is a very beautiful, gay man who wants nothing more than to explore his sexuality.

What happens when he starts a new job is something he never expected.

On a night out with his best friend he bumps into the hot, well built football coach Matt a gay bar!!!!!

After a blistering first kiss they head back to Fins place, only for Matt to discover he is a virgin.

They take things slow, but finally realise they are perfect for each other, even with Fin worrying that Matt will leave for someone more manly and Matt worrying Fin will want a man who isn't as broke as he is....

Fin's family are thrilled that he has found someone who seems totally in love with him. Matts family on the other hand haven't spoken to him for 2 years and will never accept that he is gay, after all he married his high school girlfriend, didn't he!!!!

Things come to a head when they visit Matts hometown, to try and speak to his family and pay off the debt he owes to his ex-wife's father. They both learn that all they need is to be together and if no one accepts them, they have each other and that's all that counts.....

Their story isn't all hearts and flowers but rather 2 men overcoming fears and predjudices to be together.

In one review I saw there was a warning not to read the epilogue as it ruins the story. Let me tell you, I think this is ridiculous, if the writer put it in, it's how the story is supposed to end and I for one thought it made a brilliant piece of writing even better.

This book had me sobbing into my pillow in the small hours......that to me is the sign of a good read!!!!

I give this book 5 out of 5

Reviewed by Sue