Don't by Jack L Pyke

Jack uses BDSM to control his disorders,it helps him to keep his impulses under control.

Jack Harrison runs his own garage, he is the best at what he does, he is also gay.

When Jack encounters a stranger called The Unknown on a site for like minded people he doesn't realise the trouble he has got himself into.

When he is told, fear me, his disorders inevitably mean he doesn't fear. Whatever he is told Don't, he does the opposite.

The Unknown has somehow tapped into his life and into his house and he can't escape.

Work is the only thing keeping his mind off his stalker and when a handsome customer comes in with a breakdown, Jack finds himself more than attracted.

Jan Richard is a busy man, when his car breaks down he wants it fixed and fast.....

What he didn't expect to find at the garage was a man who would completely alter his life in ways he couldn't even begin to imagine.

They fell hard for each other.

What Jan doesn't realise is that The Unknown is watching every kiss, every fumble and every fuck they have.

And poor Jack is being made to suffer for it!!!!!!

When Jack is pushed to breaking point, he loses his mind and for some reason thinks Jan is behind it all. Thinking he has been played and lost the chance at the only normal relationship he could have ever had, he hits Jan hard and runs.

What Jan discovers when he follows him home will test his strength and devotion to Jack to a limit he didn't know he had....

Enter Gray Raoul.

Jack is his, in every sense of the word and the only way Jan is ever going to get close to Jack is Raouls way.

What follows is a very intense, passionate and sometimes confusing affair between the men, none of them really at ease with what is going on but not willing to give each other up.

Jack wants normal with Jan but he knows he will never leave Raoul.

Can the three men find a compromise that will suit all of them or will Jack's insecurities and disorders drive them apart.....

With others thrown in the mix who want to hurt them and cause them pain, it is inevitable that something has to give!!!!!

This book is totally and utterly spellbinding, it is genius writing and can i say that two and three in the series just get better and better.

Please be warned though, they will not be for everyones taste and what happens in the next book, some may consider totally unacceptable.

It is dark, it is dirty and i absolutely loved it.

Can't wait for number four.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and would rate it higher if i could.

Sue x