Unobtainable by Jennifer Rose

Dyson Michaels worked for the family business.

For how much longer though was the question. When his grandfather died, for some reason he had written into his will that Dyson would only receive his inheritance and be able to keep working if he got married by a certain date and stayed that way for 6 months.

On his wedding day however he knew that the marriage was going to be a lie, he didn't love the girl, in fact he didn't love any girls, he was gay.

As he called it off at the altar he resigned himself to his fate.

Harley Cooper had come to work for the firm some years before and Dyson has had a mad crush on him ever since.

When he discovered he was gay he dreamed up a scheme where Harley would marry him and he could keep his job and carry on with his life, after all it was only for 6 months.

The only trouble with the plan was that Harley refused.

When he saw the way his brothers were treating him however he changed his mind and by that weekend the deal was sealed.

The 2 men had to move in together to make it look good and this was where the problems started.

Harley was hiding a secret that he thought prevented him from ever being loved and ever letting him love somebody in return.

He didn't count on Dyson however being the sort of person to go after something they wanted and to not stop till he got it.

When his agonising past is revealed it is Dyson that stands by his side and helps him face up to his demons.

Soon though it is Harley's turn to step up and stand by his husband as he is taken ill and hospitalised. He doesn't leave his side, finally realising that there might be something more to this.

Could it turn out that their fake marriage turns into true love.......

I loved this story and the 2 men. 

You could actually feel the emotions and pain that they were going through. 

4.5 out of 5 stars

Sue x