The Angel by Tiffany Reisz

This book is not predominately mm but I had to include it on this page as this is where my favourite couple ever meet.....

When Nora Sutherlin and Michael Dimir are sent away for the Summer by Soren, her very hot, dominant priest, they go to stay with an old friend of the 8th circle, Griffin Fiske.

Griffin is the typical spoilt, pampered, trust fund child who has never wanted for anything.

Michael is a 17 year old boy who has survived a suicide attempt, cast out by his father for being strange.

When the 2 meet the attraction is instant but there is a problem. The priest has threatened to banish Griffin from ever seeing any of them again if he so much as touches Michael. Add this to the fact that Michael feels himself unworthy of this magnificent Adonis and they both spend a very fraught 2 months together.

Finally Griffin has had enough, when he hears Mick confess to Nora how deep his feelings run he decides to go to Soren and take whatever punishment he must in order to claim Mick as his own.

Even with the significant age gap, these two very beautiful men finally get what they both want, a sub who he can take care of and love forever and a master who will give him the pain he craves and the love he deserves.

In all the mm books I have read I have never come across a couple whose relationship has excited me more and in so many ways.

The whole series is fabulous.

5 out of 5 celestial stars for our very own Angel and his lover.

Sue x