Boyfriend for Rent by Jamie Lake

Casey had been with McDermott for years, not that anyone would ever know.....

McDermott was a priest who wanted Casey but didn't want anyone to find out. When Casey has the nerve to accidentally touch his arm in public, that is enough for him to cast him out of the home they have shared for 4 years, without any belongings or anywhere to go.

With only the clothes on his back and a small amount of savings, Casey scours the papers for a job and somewhere to live.

He finally sees an advert that might be just what he needs, a room for rent with a help wanted job attached.

What he doesn't expect to find is the rough, hard working cowboy that answers the door.

Hunter has been alone since his fiancée cheated and has no desire to find anyone new, let alone a slim, obviously gay young boy.

They fall in to a comfortable routine, Casey doing the cooking and cleaning, helping with odd jobs. Everything is going ok until they bump into McDermott one day who more or less laughs in Caseys face.

Hunter has never figured out how people could hurt the ones they claim to love. 

With their feelings for each other developing and Hunter never having been with a man before, their coming together is a very sweet story of exploring a new type of relationship for one and being shown the love he deserves for the other.

4out of 5

Sue x