Silver and Black by Tyler May

Greyson Black was quite happy with his lot, working at a local coffee house, sleeping with the boss, finishing school and generally having a good time.

Brian Silver owns the coffee house and had been keeping an eye on Greyson for a while.

When Brian pays a visit to the coffee house, Grey recognises him as a man that had been sending him drinks to get his attention at a bar.

It just so happens that the day he pays a visit is the day that the manager Jeff has just told Grey their affair can't happen anymore as he is engaged to a woman.

Brian see this as his opportunity to move in and take full advantage by asking Grey out and the sparks soon fly between the two.

They talk about everything together, Brians illness, Grey losing his mum at a young age and his past with a stalker.

What is happening between them seems perfect but when things seems like they are too good to be true, they usually are!!!!!

Someones seems to be following Grey again and people are putting doubts in his mind as to Brians intentions. Are they really as well meaning as he thinks or does he have a hidden agenda.

Just how long has he been keeping an eye on Grey and why?

Only time will reveal the truth but will they survive the danger and the secrets that are waiting to tear them apart....

I really liked this book, it had the right balance of love, lust and intrigue for me.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x