Dangerously Happy by Varian Krylov


When Aiden and his band practice and perform at Dario's loft, he wonders why the man seems to be able to chat easily to everyone but him. 

Dark and mysterious Dario is a writer. He loves to have people around him as when he is left alone, the horrific incident that changed his life comes back to haunt him.

Arriving at the loft for rehearsal, Aiden finds himself alone with Dario as his friends have cancelled on him. Rather than leave, he shares a beer with the enigmatic man and they find themselves kissing and touching. Aiden can't work out what is going on as he is straight but he can't deny the connection and feelings he is having.

After a tentative start they begin a relationship. 

When Aiden makes the mistake of trying to handcuff Dario, he finds out what the nightmares are that he has kept hidden. Feeling like the trust between them has been broken, they take a break from each other but it doesn't last for long.

When an old friend pays a visit, Aiden experiences the power and dominance that is Xavier.

He was someone who Dario would go to when he felt he needed to be grounded. 

After an incident at the loft, when Xavier fails to help, Aiden takes matters into his own hands and they finally discover what it's like to be truly loved by someone.

This is a beautiful story of a man who seems confident but is actually broken and the man who puts him back together.

4.5 out of 5

Sue x