Pretty Little Rentboys by Mike McAvoy


Aiden and Ian are identical twin brothers who have left their home town behind to try and hit the big time.

While they are waiting for the break to come, Aiden gets a regular job while Ian finds himself employed as a rent boy.

The brothers don't discuss this turn of events but Aiden knows something is not right when Ian can earn as much in a couple of hours as he does all week. 

After a horrific evening, Ian comes home and cries himself to sleep and as usual, to avoid embarrassing his brother, Aiden turns a blind eye but feels so guilty.

What he doesn't know is that Ian's pain is caused by the fact that his client was taunting him about his twin, telling him what he would like to do to him, that is the one thing he wants to avoid as he knows Aiden is a virgin.....

At a party, Ian comes face to face with his tormentor and as a punishment he is made to include his brother or face dire consequences.

What happens to the brothers will finally sever the bond they have forever, forcing one of them to leave......

What would tear the twins apart and which one of them will go?

This is a really hard hitting story about love and betrayal, a definite must read short story.

4.5out of 5

Sue x