The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexander


Kindle Alexander pulls it out of the bag again. 

M/M is my favourite genre and this book really hits the mark.

Trent Cooper runs his own electrical company and is trying to expand so when a big contract comes in he is more than happy to put himself on the front line and complete the job on time. Only problem is the man who owns the gallery he is doing the work on is a tv celebrity, an undercover journalist whose career Trent has followed with great interest. This would not normally be a stumbling block but Gage Synclair is off the scale hot!!!!!!

Gage has decided that the story he is working on will be his biggest and last job then he can settle down and run his gallery, selling the pictures he has taken all over the world. He has always been gay and has trouble understanding why the new electrician has turned down his advances.....

Trent hasn't had a date for a while now, concentrating on bringing up his sisters children as if they were his own. After their Dad died and their Mum died giving birth to her little girl, he found himself having to give up his one night stand lifestyle and be a little bit more sensible. He has never introduced anyone to the kids and keeps his home, work and sex life separate. That all changes when the kids meet and become friends with Gage. 

A relationship begins that neither of the men expected.......

While helping Trent one night with the kids, he makes an alarming discovery that could blow his last case wide open and put Trent and his children in danger. Has he been played all this time? 

This book has a fabulous storyline and the relationship between the men and the kids is heartwarming.

4.5 out of 5 from me.

Reviewed by Sue