Bad Things by Varian Krylov

We first meet Xavier Gutierrez in Dangerously Happy and i thought he was a force to be reckoned with then. My mistake!!!!!! Little did i know just what sort of power he could have over people.

Years ago after his sister was raped, Xavier decided that even though he couldn't exact his revenge on the men responsible, no one would ever think he was weak.

He still to this day felt like he had let his sister down so had spent years training, turning himself into the impressive hulk of a man he now was.

When his sister is a witness to a rape he decides to try and help, hacks into her police files and gets himself a job in one of the clubs that she has under surveillance in a suspected trafficking ring.

It is there he meets the barman, Carson Miller.

Carson has found himself suddenly in deep with his bosses and is planted in to Xavier's life to spy on him to see if he can be trusted.

What he didn't count on was being caught, captured and bound by the powerful man and being made somehow to face up to the fact he is gay.

After 3 days of the kind of torture that only Xavier can inflict, he finds himself ashamed that he is so turned on by what he is going through he thinks there is something wrong with him.

When the case is blown open, Carson finds himself being hidden away with our old friends Dario and Aiden who show him what being with a man in a loving relationship can be like. So why is the only thing he can think what he shared with Xavier and where the hell has he dissappeared to anyway!!!!

When they finally come face to face again they both have a lot of soul searching to do and even more learning about one another than they thought was possible.

Can Carson break through the hard exterior walls that he has surrounding him and will they be able to overcome the shame he feels.....

I absolutely loved Dangerously Happy and am pleased to say this was even better with just a little bit more darkness thrown in which is exactly how i like it.

5 out of 5 stars

Sue x