Eight Second Cowboy by Piper Kay

Lance Loskey and Matt Stevens are rivals on the rodeo circuit. 

They started off as friends but when Matt is hurt he blames Lance for not tightening his equipment properly as a way to win a competition.

They come to blows most times that they meet but when Lance goes to Matts hotel room to apologise and wish him luck, things turn physical in a different way.

After some very heavy kissing and touching, Matt gets cold feet and turns Lance away. 

When Lance is thrown and trampled in the ring the next day however, it is Matt who rescues him and stays at his bedside throughout his recovery and offers him a place to recuperate. 

This time things go a lot further but yet again, Matt is worried about what people might think and will it hurt their reputation on the circuit.

After being turned away for the second time, Lance makes it clear he is giving the cowboy no more chances. 

Will this be the end of it or will the attraction between the two of them be enough to bring them together again......

A very hot short story about two smoking hot cowboys, well worth a read.

4.5 out of 5

Sue x