Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day

Levi Goode has 2 things in his life, his party planning job and his Mother, Ruby. Little did he know that the 2 things would come together to bring him the love of his life.

On a visit to his mothers, he finds an ambulance in her driveway. He has tried to sort carers for her but she insists on running them off.

What he didn't expect was to have his breath taken away by the seriously hot EMT, Jake Freeman, who was attending to Ruby.

After some matchmaking she gets them to agree to a date.

All is going well until the end when Jake seems to get a bit flustered and leaves.

Returning to work Levi can't seem to get his mind back on the job. 

His company is pulling in some high profile clients and when he meets with Julia to organise an anniversary party he is shocked when her brother arrives. Now Jakes reluctance all makes sense, he has a partner......

This party just got a bit awkward.

Although he knows there is no hope, Levi tries to make Jake jealous with the help of a very sexy employee who poses as a boyfriend.

The push and pull between the 2 men and their feelings makes for a fantastic story. 

The attraction is definitely there but Levi would never get in between a relationship.

With the right amount of humour thrown in and some fantastic lines I absolutely loved this book.

The part where Ruby revealed that Levi was named after his father, not that she knew who at the orgy he was, but because he wore the best jeans, made me laugh out loud. 

When Levi declared that all he had eaten when his tummy rumbled was cake and cum, I knew this book was a keeper.

5 out of 5 stars 

Sue x