Colorado Wild by Sara York


I am no specialist when it comes to this genre but this is not my first rodeo –so to speak but I have to say that with my limited experience I found this a far from easy read.

It was told from multiple points of view and I have to say that at times I was really struggling to keep up with who was in the driving seat.

I was lost with as to who the book was really about because the focus of attention seemed to shift more than I would have liked, first I had the impression that Grant and Roger where in the hot seat but then, Billy and Tucker were brought to the fore and I was floundering, when Marshall and James stuck their heads above the parapet, sorry but I was done for, completely lost.

Each couple had potential to be great but all three just had me laying the kindle down and walking away.

The idea was good, a group of ex-military men, recruited by the CIA to carry out covert operations all based on Wild Bluff Ranch in wild and wicked Colorado, who were all now not only bad ass killers but also sexy as sin cowboys, but as good as I thought it was going to be in reality it just seemed to fall a little short and was a little convoluted for me.

I got where the author was going with the story, I just think it was more complicated than it needed to be.

I got the friendship and camaraderie between the men but they weren’t the hard tough guys that I expected, I felt washed out by them.

I thought they would be all alpha but they weren’t I didn’t feel all the emotional stuff that was going on, it was just too wearisome.

My favourite pair were Billy and Tucker. I liked the fact that Billy had the whole unrequited lust thing going on and that Tucker was oblivious to it all.

The whole friends to lover’s thing, gets me every time no matter the genre.

When Tucker gets injured Billy’s emotions take over and he make his move, it’s a risk because Tucker hasn’t been involved with a man before but with Billy he thinks things might be clicking into place and he is prepared to explore what they have together. I liked this pair.

I would probably read another book because I think and I am not being mean but this is only the first in the series and I think the only way is up.

3.5 out of 5

Reviewed by Carol